Ok well first off let me say that I love watching all of your tutorials on YouTube! Im a mua myself and work at sephora but I have a question, everytime I put on foundation and powder it creases BAD around my nose! No matter what I do! Do you have any tips? I have super oily skin too


Thank you love! I’m honestly not sure..
:( have you tried different primers?? Maybe it’s the foundation? It could be a lot of things..

your tumblr is awesome! xo


Thank you!!💗💗💗

What products do you suggest from Inglot?!♥


Well there are so many to list so I’ll just shorten it and say I like their gel eyeliner, eyeshadows, and pigments. I like their eyelashes as well. I used to work at an inglot counter and I pretty much loved it all haha :3