If you want to apply at MAC, do you need any type of makeup experience or makeup portfolio of like your makeup skills? I want to apply but I'm afraid they won't hire me because I never had any makeup experience except on myself. Please let me know, thank you!


Honestly, I would wait until you have experience at another counter, but I would still try anyways! I tried for 3 years with only retail experience (not cosmetic), and I didn’t get hired until after I worked 6 months at an Inglot counter in the same Macy’s… It was shitty having to wait that long but it was worth it! 

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Hey! I was just curious, are you going to school, and what for?


yeah I’m majoring in business marketing, I should be done next spring :D


when u stand up 2 fast n suddenly ur floatin thru space n time

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trust is sending an ugly snapchat for ten seconds

And betrayal is not sending one back 😂

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A/c is on and it feels really great. Now I can sleep in really really late🙌