Hey ash, just wondering if you prefer Bellami or luxyforprincess ? I'm at a crossroads :/ either or will shrink my bank acc Lol ,btw your HI DEF vids and pics lately are very much appreciated girlfriend x


Honestly I think I prefer the luxury for princess ones because even after dying them they are so nice and shiny and healthy looking and they don’t tangle or tug on my roots at all. My bellami ones tangled soooo easily.. I mean they are nice but I feel like they didn’t hold up as much…I’ll be doing a video on mine soon and how I dyed them! :)

Plus you can use my discount code on the luxury ones ;) “ashleyswagnerxo” 😄💗

And thank you so much! Really been trying to put more effort than usual on them so thank you for noticing!!! Xo